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ACT Testfrenzy reviews free ACT study material available online and ranks the best web sites by their ease of use, quality of test, and helpfulness as an education resource. The best free ACT websites are ranked in categories below:

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Why use ACT Testfrenzy to find the best ACT Preparation material?

At Testfrenzy, we believe that studying is arduous enough without combing the internet for free ACT resources. It's all done for you. With 6 full ACT Tests reviewed, along with hundreds of other quizzes, ACT Testfrenzy will show you all of the resources necessary for success. For information on why you should take the ACT, read here!

What makes our ACT resources unique?

We are the only website that links students and parents with free ACT learning tools. We keep a special eye out for resources that make studying more interesting, or at least less monotonous. Several sites have games or activities to break up the studying, and we'll show you which ones do! ACT Testfrenzy also takes note of timers, explanations, and other resource tools.

So, try a test. See where you are. Find your weaknesses and study them. The ACT doesn't change much from year to year, so the same types of questions consistently appear. With practice, you can understand the ACT and earn a superior score.

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