Why Should You Take the ACT?

The ACT is universally accepted for college admission in the U.S. The ACT is accepted by all Ivy League Colleges, 4--year colleges and universities, and online colleges. It should help anyone looking to get into an Ivy league college. The ACT multiple-choice tests are curriculum based. The ACT is not an aptitude or an IQ test. Instead, the questions on the ACT are directly related to what you have learned in your high school courses in English, mathematics, reading, and science. Because the ACT tests are based on what is taught in the high school curriculum, students are generally more comfortable with the ACT than they are with traditional aptitude tests or tests with narrower content. The ACT is more than a test. In addition to the tests, the ACT also provides students with a unique Interest Inventory that provides valuable information for career and educational planning and a Student Profile Section that provides a comprehensive profile of your work in high school and your future plans. The ACT is a good value. As a private, not-for-profit organization governed by educators, ACT is committed to providing services at the lowest possible cost. Accordingly, the ACT provides a comprehensive package of educational assessment and career planning services for college-bound students at a modest fee that is lower than the fee for the competing admissions test. Content from ACT.